Continuing to Provide Emergency Medical Services with a Sense of Mission

From the evening of March 29th to the morning of March 30th, HuMA doctor was dispatched in the ER of Keiju Medical Center, handling self-visits and emergency cases. The night shift physician in charge of the emergency room was a hematologist, and after treating the first case together, the first touch was performed by a HuMA physician. If the HuMA doctor had any questions about the operation in the hospital, he could always consult with that hematologist. There were two ambulance transports (pneumonia, CPA) and four self-visits (multiple rib fractures, hemothorax, urinary retention, gastritis, and enteritis).

The Assistant to the President came to the ER and thanked HuMA for its support of the January-February births and for the support of the ER and the nurses this time. The doctor said, “We had stopped accepting patients in the ER only for 2 hours after the earthquake, but since then we have been accepting not only local emergency transfers but also emergency and transfer transfers from Suzu City, Noto City, and Wajima City. The staff has worked hard under the policy of making the hospital function as a core hospital. The fact that many supporters have come to this hospital has encouraged the staff to realize that ‘many people are there for us. Some of them want to be involved as supporters in other areas if there is a disaster. We wish the earthquake had not happened, but we are grateful for the kindness we have received from people all over the country because of it,” he said.

Keiju Medical Center in Nanao City continues to provide emergency medical services with a sense of mission and without a break after the earthquake. We will continue our support in April in the hope of reducing the burden on such doctors.