Hospital Support (from March) Physician Activity Report No.2

HuMA has continued to provide support at the hospital since March to ease the burden on the Keiju Medical Center staff. Doctors are engaged in providing medical support in the emergency room.

During the day, the situation was relatively calm, with only a patient with chronic dyspnea due to interstitial pneumonia, but around 3:30 p.m., there were three emergency cases in a row.

As experienced when working in an urban emergency center, many families live alone or are caring for elderly patients, and it can take a long time to contact family members. At the Keiju Medical Center in Nanao City, many of the patients’ families work in Kanazawa, and there were several cases where patients had to wait 3 to 4 hours before coming to the hospital. We felt that the medical staff here must be struggling in their daily practice.

Keiju Medical Center has only one emergency response staff. We feel that the doctor who responds to an overlapping number of ambulances by himself every day is truly a wonderful doctor. He has revised the manual for ER part-time doctors, so we hope to read it thoroughly and be of service in the emergency room when we are dispatched in April.