Hospital Support March Dispatch, Finished
2024 Noto Earthquake

We completed our March dispatch at Keiju Medical Center. <Report from a Nurse> HuMA nurses were in charge of one room. They worked with their pairs to take temperatures, time procedures, prepare IVs, and enter nursing needs. In their free time, they also worked with the caregivers to change diapers. It seems that support nurses […]

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There Is a World You Can See After Taking a Step Forward ( Harumi Lin, Nurse/Logistician, Kahinata Clinic )

Continuing to Provide Emergency Medical Services with a Sense of Mission
2024 Noto Earthquake

From the evening of March 29th to the morning of March 30th, HuMA doctor was dispatched in the ER of Keiju Medical Center, handling self-visits and emergency cases. The night shift physician in charge of the emergency room was a hematologist, and after treating the first case together, the first touch was performed by a […]

Hospital Support (from March) Physician Activity Report No.2
2024 Noto Earthquake

HuMA has continued to provide support at the hospital since March to ease the burden on the Keiju Medical Center staff. Doctors are engaged in providing medical support in the emergency room. During the day, the situation was relatively calm, with only a patient with chronic dyspnea due to interstitial pneumonia, but around 3:30 p.m., […]

Hospital Support Nurse/Midwife Activity Report
2024 Noto Earthquake

HuMA will dispatch a nurse/midwife until the end of March in the hope that the Keiju Medical Center staff will be relieved of some of their burden. Nurses work on the wards and focus on patient care. In addition to HuMA, support nurses are available on a 4-5 day basis. Keiju Medical Center is a […]


On January 1, 2024, an earthquake occurred on the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, and a major tsunami warning was issued. HuMA will dispatch the survey team. DONATE NOW

On February 6, 2023, a major earthquake (magnitude 7.8) occurred with its epicenter near Gaziantep in southeastern Turkey. A second earthquake occurred on the same day in the Elbistan district of Kahramanmaraş province. The earthquake caused extensive damage, especially in Turkey and Syria. HuMA decided to dispatch a survey team to the area.

We, HuMA will do what we can now to prepare for emergencies.

HuMA nurses and a logistics person were dispatched to the ‘waiting station’ for COVID patients in Osaka.

HuMA nurses and a logistics person were dispatched to the ‘waiting station’ for COVID patients in Osaka.

We will dispatch medical personnel in cooperation with Peace Winds Japan, to Rishiri Island to respond to the new coronavirus infection. (2022.01)

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