How to increase the activity of those who have been released from quarantine
Rishiri Island

Isolation causes muscle weakness.

The number of patients with the new coronavirus infection has finally decreased.
Rishiri Island

We will continue to support the facility staff so that they can get some rest.

We had an end-of-life care at the facility.
Rishiri Island

In situations where medical care is tight, people may spend their final days in facilities instead of hospitals if they do not undergo surgery or aggressive treatment.

We have started medical support activities in Rishiri Island.
Rishiri Island

We provided necessary treatment such as intravenous drip and suction to people who had contracted a new coronavirus infection at the elderly care facility.

We hold Zoom training before the dispatch.
Rishiri Island

We provide ZOOM training to dispatchers in advance on such topics as “tips for supporters,” “mental health care for supporters themselves,” and “infection prevention.


We will dispatch medical personnel in cooperation with Peace Winds Japan, to Rishiri Island to respond to the new coronavirus infection. (2022.01)

Myanmar has seen frequent nationwide demonstrations since the military coup, and many citizens have become victims due to military oppression against those protests. As even local healthcare workers have been detained in some cases, medical care for injured citizens remains underserved. Doctors and nurses without such detainment are having trouble offering medical services because of shortages of medical equipment, medicine, hygiene products and other goods. (2021.07 to present)

In December 2020, in response to the spread of corona infection, Osaka Prefecture launched the Osaka Corona Critical Care Center as a temporary medical facility to provide treatment and nursing care to critically ill patients. HuMA is dispatching nurses to the site. (2020.12 to present)

Heavy rains that hit Kyushu on July 4, 2020 caused flooding in Kumamoto Prefecture. A large number of people were injured, sick and evacuated. In addition to the sudden disaster, there was also concern about a new type of coronavirus infection, and people were anxious about evacuating to shelters. HuMA has been working in cooperation with Peace Winds Japan, to minimize health hazards in evacuation centers. (2020.07)

On October 12, 2019, flood damage has occurred in a wide area of Japan where Typhoon No.19 Hagibis landed. From early morning of October 13, HuMA started a wide range of assessment in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Nagano, Fukushima, and Tochigi prefecture, using a nationwide membership network to meet medical needs. As a result of the assessment, we dispatched medical members in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture. (2019.10.13-2019.11.29)

A powerful typhoon landed in Chiba prefecture, causing a power outage in a wide area. We have provided various support for 16 days, such as hospital support, home visit survey for home refugees, assessment of evacuation shelters, survey of the current situation of elderly facilities, operation support for disaster volunteer center and rescue of volunteers. (2019.09.12-09.27/ Our disaster relief is ongoing; we will regularly provide health consultations to victims).

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