Interviews focusing on people involved in HuMA’s activities

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Hi, we are HuMA!

HuMA (Humanitarian Medical Assistance) is an NPO having main mission to protect human life and health through providing medical teams to support locally when there are severe disasters or life-threatening situations in Japan or overseas.

HuMA consists of doctors and nurses working in medical institutions across Japan. While the members face patients fighting with illness or injuries in their work places on a day to day basis, they endeavor to save many suffering people when there is emergency situation.

You must be wondering why the members joined HuMA to provide assistance in disaster areas even though they are busy already. Let’s hear about their thoughts through the forthcoming interviews.

#7 Making My Best Effort to Save Life

Kazuhiko Maekawa (Doctor)
Senior Adviser/ Director, the Izumi Health Service Facility for the Elderly, Meiwa Kai/ Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University/ Honorary Director of Kanto Central Hospital of the Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers