Hospital Support Nurse/Midwife Activity Report

HuMA will dispatch a nurse/midwife until the end of March in the hope that the Keiju Medical Center staff will be relieved of some of their burden.

Nurses work on the wards and focus on patient care. In addition to HuMA, support nurses are available on a 4-5 day basis.

Keiju Medical Center is a very beautiful hospital. There are monitors at each patient’s bedside to check if the patient is eating or not, what tests are being performed today, and so on. You can learn about the high-tech hardware aspects of today’s medical field.

HuMA midwives measured vital signs of hospitalized patients and pregnant women who were admitted to the hospital, attached NST monitors, cared for the laboring mother in progress (lumbar back massage, breathing exercises, inducing relaxation, etc.), measured BS, and served food.