Support activities at the evacuation center have been completed

HuMA’s support activities at the shelter will come to an end today. Starting with the collection of the medical containers, reorganizing the infirmary used as a first aid station to return it to its original condition, and then the visitors, today’s time schedule was busy all day long. We handed over letters of appreciation and reports to everyone who helped us at various locations, including the elementary and junior high school evacuation centers, and greeted them.

In mid-February, we gave a two-day lecture on emergency and disaster medicine to elementary and junior high school students, and received heartfelt messages from them. We sincerely hope that the children will learn, absorb, and grow healthy and supple in spite of the difficulties they face.

A donation ceremony was held at the shelter to show our appreciation. We gave letters of appreciation and reports to the leaders of the shelters who have been very helpful to us over the past two months. The leaders gave us strong words of thanks to HuMA, saying that their gratitude to HuMA is that they themselves will restore this Horyu to a wonderful town again.

Many people expressed their appreciation for HuMA’s activities, and we felt that this was the result of the daily connection between our past activities and each of us doing our best in what we can do. We spent a heartwarming day, and we are filled with gratitude to all of them.


A pleasant surprise for HuMA from the students After the ceremony, a shelter leader shares his memories with us with deep emotion


Medical containers, thank you, goodbye At the end of January, tulips that had been buried in the soil sprouted