Support activities will end at the end of this month

HuMA’s support activities at the evacuation center, which began in January, will end at the end of this month. Various meetings were held today. It was confirmed that local medical services will be available after HuMA’s withdrawal. We returned to the evacuation center after 7:00 p.m., ending a long day of meetings.

We removed the our information signs from the evacuation center and tomorrow we will post the new health counseling center to encourage the evacuees to become more self-reliant. We have a few days left before the withdrawal. Until then, we will do everything we can.


Nurse speaking to the person requiring assistance with bathing and her family about the situation and policy. Ambulance returned




While we were working at the shelter, a teacher approached us and showed us some pictures. The teacher said, ”It is a picture of the class HuMA conducted at the school the other day. I am glad to see that the daily life is gradually returning to normal.”