Last bathing assistance

We are working with various organizations to pass the baton of medical support toward the recovery of local healthcare. Today was the last day for HuMA to provide bathing assistance, which we had been in charge of all along. One of the other survivors said to us, “You have been assisting with bathing until now. If you withdraw, what will that person do from now on?” Through our conversation, we learned that various survivors had been paying attention to HuMA’s various activities to date. We were very happy to hear that our efforts were recognized by people around us and that we were able to help them feel comfortable in the shelters.

And today we cleaned up to restore the nurse’s office that HuMA uses as a first aid station. After some progress was made, we all gathered around the school nurse for a talk. The teacher gave us an interesting talk about the children of Suzu, the school situation, Suzu’s past and present, from the stories related to the earthquake to the past, present, and future of the aging population.

Our activities are carried out with the hope of seeing a future full of smiling faces for the people of Suzu, including the children.


Last day of bathing assistance


HuMA nurse, teaching radio calisthenics