Once again, support for maternity hospital begins

Our activities in Suzu city ended at the end of February, but we will continue to support maternity hospital in Nanao city on an irregular basis.

Today, we dispatched a nurse. When she arrived at Keiju Medical Center in the morning, she found cherry blossoms with a message of recovery in the entrance hall. We hope that this message board will be in full bloom and bring us another step closer to the recovery of the community.



HuMA nurse began working at a nursing home near the hospital. She played quizzes and sang along with the residents as they exercised. One resident said, “I was scared by the earthquake, but I can’t keep thinking like that. When my son and daughter are having a hard time, if I am not cheerful, they cannot do their best, right?”

We will strive to provide daily support to everyone in the affected areas. Your support will be our strength. Thank you for your continued support.