Thank you for your cooperation (the Noto Peninsula Earthquake)

Our support activities in Suzu City have come to an end as of February 29. Thanks to the heartwarming support from many companies and individuals over the past two months, we were able to dispatch more than 100 medical people to the area seamlessly. Thank you very much for your support.

【Grants and Donations Support】
・Japan Platform, The Nippon Foundation, LY Corporation(LINE,Yahoo!JAPAN)

【Donation of goods】
・SEMA, Jackery, Alpha ESS, BLUETTI, SENSHUKAI CO.,LTD., TOKYO CENTRAL SERVICE, FSX, Inc., RSS CO.,LTD., GSI Creos Corporation, ACT Institute of Disaster Medicine, dinos(As a shipping volunteer, The NGO Collaboration Center, OKBASE, Omoyai), Nitori, SoftBank, AS ONE Corporation, Normeca Asia, Nitta Pharmacy, Yodogawa Christian Hospital, Peace Winds Japan, IT Disaster Assistance and Response Team

【Cooperating Organizations/Cooperators】
・Nissan Car Rental Solutions Co., Ltd:
Provided Serena (4WD, studless winter tires) immediately after the disaster. We used for house calls to evacuation centers
・Mr. Naoto AKI, Mr. Tatsuya NATSUKAWA, Mr. Kazuki NATSUKAWA, Mr. Daniel Gregory Georgeson : Cooperation as a driver from Kanazawa to Suzu and Nanao city
・Rocinantes : Dispatch of doctors and nurses and loan of two cars
・Japan Mountain Guides Association : As a professional logistician, support the medical team in their daily life and medical activities
・Normeca Asia : Installation of medical containers in first aid stations
・Many other support organizations : With their cooperation, we were able to proceed smoothly with our support activities.


Thanks to the donations made by students on the streets and by individuals, HuMA was able to provide assistance in the affected areas. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation to date. Although our activities in Suzu have come to an end, we will continue to support the maternity hospital in Nanao City. We appreciate your continued support.