2013 Philippines - Typhoon Haiyan

2013 Philippines - Typhoon Haiyan

The Philippines has been overwhelmed by the scale of Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest on record. The number of people affected has increased to 12.9 million, with over 1.9 million people displaced. Responding to to the typhoon, HuMA started to send first of five teams on November 14th.

Period: November 14-27, 2013
Members: Total of 4 - Doctor(1), Nurse(1), Paramedic(1), Logistician(1)

Period: November 25-December 4, 2013
Members: Total of 5 - Doctor(2), Nurse(2), Logistician(1)

Period: December 5-11, 2013
Members: Total of 5 - Doctor(2), Nurse(2), Logistician(1)

Period: December 12-21, 2013
Members: Total of 6 - Doctor(3), Nurse(2), Logistician(1)

Period: December 22-28, 2013
Members: Total of 9 - Doctor(3), Nurse(3), Logistician(3)

December 28, 2013/ From the Republic of the Philippines to JAPAN
For about a month, HuMA team, in cooperation with DOH, operated a medical mission in the municipality of Merida, island of Leyte, the Philippines. To close our medical mission, HuMA hold the closing and donation ceremony at Merida Rural Health Unit. We donated following items to RHU in support of the Republic of the Philippines for their recovery from the devastation caused by the Yolanda on November 8th, 2013.
1. One Thousand 20 Litters Jerry Can
2. Medical Equipment
-a) Hematocrit centrifuge
 Digisystem Laboratory Instruments Inc., DSC-100MH-1 ×1
-b) Hemoglobinometer
 Stanbio Laboratory, Stat-Site MHgb Hemoglobin Photometer ×1
-c) Portable pulse oximeter
 NONIN, Finger Pulse Oxymeter GO2 ×1
3. Medicine
We could not do this without your kind and generous support. Thanks to your donation!


Your gift was absolutely designated to support our work in Merida, the Republic of the Philippines. And if you select, could you kindly continue to support our work worldwide. Japan Platform is fully committed to helping our medical mission, and is providing us expenditures in immediate aid, but the need is always massive.
Your donation will be used carefully for our projects and will surely be a source of encouragement for the affected populations in the world. It will help us to overcome logistical challenges and speed relief to survivors in dire need!

Your support will make a difference!

1) Donation through PayPal

2) Donation through a Bank Transfer
Donation Bank Account 1
Name of Bank: Japan Post Bank
Branch: Head Office
Bank Address: 3-2 Kasumigaseki 1 Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-8798 Japan
CHIPS UID: 427593
Account Number: 00190-6-569149
Payee Name: NPO Humanitarian Medical Assistance (HuMA)
Payee Address: 1-24-1-308 Sangenjaya Setagaya, Tokyo 154-0024 Japan
Payee Phone: No +81-3-3413-7510

*Remittances in either USD or EUR can be made from overseas banks, via a designated intermediary bank.
Intermediary Bank Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas New York
Intermediary Bank SWIFT Code BKTRUS33
Intermediary Bank Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt
Intermediary Bank SWIFT Code DEUTDEFF
*Transactions made from the following financial institutions are not necessarily transferred via a designated intermediary bank.
Republic of Korea (Korea Post)
Israel (Israel Postal Company (Israel Postal Bank))
Austria (BAWAG P.S.K)
Spain (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA))
Slovakia (Postova Banka a.s.)
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Ceskoslovenska (Obchodni banka (CSOB))
Germany (Deutsche Postbank)
Belgium (La Poste (De Post))
Poland (Poczta Polska)
Romania (Bancpost S.A)
Denmark (Sydbank)

Donation Bank Account 2
Name of Bank: MIZUHO Bank
Bank Code: 0001
Branch: NEZU Branch, branch code 0235
Bank Address: 2-7-9 Sendagi Bunkyo, Tokyo113-0022 Japan
Ordinary Account: No 8010278
Payee Name: Humanitarian Medical Assistance, Chairman of Board, Kazuhiko Maekawa
Payee Address: 1-24-1-308 Sangenjaya Setagaya, Tokyo 154-0024 Japan
Payee Phone: No +81-3-3413-7510

** Due to complicated procedures, we regret that we are unable to accept personal and bank checks.
** To distinguish who the donation came from, please inform us (EMAIL: tso@huma.or.jp) as to your name and the name of your country, whenever you make a bank transfer.
** Transfer fees will not be covered by HuMA.
** We are not in the position to confirm the details of tax exemptions in your country as each country would have different tax regimes. Please ask your local bank or government officials as to matters such as eligibility of tax deductible donations in your country.


For more information, please contact tso@huma.or.jp
Thank you once again for your generous offer!

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