2013 Philippines - Typhoon Haiyan

ADVANCE TEAM (November 14-27, 2013)
MembersF Total of 4 - Doctor(1), Nurse(1), Paramedic(1), Logistician(1)
Reports and Photos

Nov 27
Narita Airpot, Japan
Advance party returned from Philippines. The interview given by the team at Narita airport was broadcasted on NHK on the next morning.
Nov 25
Municipality Merida and Barangay Tubod, island of Leyte
While advance party visited in DOH in the municipality of Merida and Tubod barangay, first medical team arrived in Cebu from Japan safely. They will officially start medical activity tomorrow in Merida.
Nov 23
Cebu city, island of Cebu
HuMA head office had been studying reports from advance team carefully. They reached a conclusion that they will operate medical service at the municipality of Merida/Leyte Island starting on Nov 25! HuMA will deploy medical teams til Dec 28 (tentative)
Photo: List of medical team in Region 8 (Eastern Visayas). Currently several medical teams are deployed in Ormoc city but none in Merida.
Nov 22
Municipality Merida and Ormoc city, island of Leyte
Team assessed Leyte Island's current condition by visiting Command Post, DOH office in both Merida and Ormoc.
Photo: HuMA with DOH medical team in Merida
Nov 21
Island of Bantayan
Advance team surveyed Santa Fe and Bantayan city, Bantayan Island. The team kept a watching brief on medical actions in the area.
Nov 20
North part of island of Cebu
Team surveyed the city of Daanbantayan, Medelline, San Remigio and Bogo. At Bogo, HuMA members had a reunion with Dr.Merin from Israel medical team since 2011 Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake in Japan!
Nov 19
Cebu city, island of Cebu
Team started to survey land. One of the evacuation centers is full of people in need.
Nov 18
Island of Leyte
Advance team arrived in Cebu island safely. All international health volunteers going on health medical missions to Tacloban or to other typhoon affected areas are required to contact Department of Health for coordination.
Nov 15
Metro Manila, the Philippines
One of the total of 4 advance team staff arrived in Manila to attend the cluster meeting arranged by WHO. Other 3 members will join him on the 18th, and soon they will move to Cebu island to find their medical activities point.
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