2013 Philippines - Typhoon Haiyan

SECOND MEDICAL TEAM (December 5-11, 2013)
MembersF Total of 5 - Doctor(2), Nurse(2), Logistician(1)
Reports and Photos

Dec 11
Barangay Calunasan in municipality Merida, island of Leyte
After Dr.Hahtamaki(photo right), a volunteer physician from Finland did follow up care to his patients in the morning, he joined our today's medical activity. His "patient first" style that is taking an extra minute to listen to his patients and not prescribing more medication than is necessary completely inspired us.
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Dec 10
Barangay San Jose in municipality Merida, island of Leyte
San Jose a hinterland barangay is noted for its caves, one from which continually flows voluminous waterfall that could be a good source of a natural swimming pool, a vital component of a mountain resort. Presently, the barangay is difficult to access that we had to walk up for an hour as we shouldered medical equipment.
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Dec 9
Barangay Canbantug in municipality Merida, island of Leyte
Since 3 members from the second team got off shift, now we have only 2 doctors left until the third party comes. Despite all of that, they managed today's medical activity well with a big support of local staff and examined 65 patients.
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Dec 7-8
Ormoc city, island of Leyte
Medical staff in Merida area, the victims of the typhoon hit themselves, have been working tirelessly. Before they were utterly exhausted physically and mentally, HuMA and RHU agreed to have them relax during weekend to return to the state of affairs which were before the disaster occurred. This weekend, HuMA members are doing on clerical work such as report writing and preparing medical equipment and drugs for mobile clinic.

Dec 6
Barangay Cambalong in municipality Merida, island of Leyte
There are still many barangays in mountainous region that are waiting for medical assistance. HuMA team went up to a remote mountain village and examined 85 patients. People said that HuMA was the first medical team to have arrived in there after the typhoon hit.
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Dec 5
Barangay Libjo in municipality Merida, island of Leyte
A squally day. Rain water leaking through a roof flooded Barangay Health Center. HuMA examined 107 patients while local people helped to scoop water out of the center.

In the afternoon, some team members attended health cluster meeting in Ormoc city. There are still some barangays where people have no medical access; we will consider an offer from Merida Municipal Health Officer to operate medical care in there and explore the possibilities of it.
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