2016 Kumamoto - Earthquake

ZEROTH MEDICAL TEAM (April 22-28, 2016)
Area: Mashiki City and Aso Area, Kumamoto Prefecture
Members: Total of 5 - Doctor(3), Nurse(1), Logistician(1)

<Objectives of Initial Assessment>
(1)Explore medical needs for earthquake disaster victims.
(2)Check on the damage of medical institutions and the condition of their medical activities.

The zeroth team is to assess the needs in the disastrous area and to offer medical service when necessary. This is a self-financed team and we need your financial support! Please check the left side menu [DONATE US].

04.27 While we supported the Aso area head office in management efforts after the earthquake disaster, we operated mobile clinic in Ichinomiya elementary school where was currently used as an evacuation center.
04.26 HuMA is now in charge of regular medical conference in Aso branch.
04.25 HuMA offers not only medical service but also necessary medications to locals.
04.24 As confered with local health nurses, HuMA will start a medical activity in Aso area.
04.23 Assessed Mashiki and Aso area - one of the most damaged areas.
04.22 Team assessed Mashiki city and handled nighttime medical service.
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